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B.G. Harvey

Author of The Quill and The Spear and


Hello and welcome to the website of B.G. Harvey! We appreciate you stopping by, and would love to hear from you. B.G. tries to maintain an active social media presence and respond to emails as best he can, and would love to hear about your favorite characters, scenes, and lines from his books, as well as your fan art. His newest book "Masterkey" is available now!


Books by B.G. Harvey:

MASTERKEY - Official Book Cover.jpg


January 15th, 2023

For the crime lords of Cleveland Hub, Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful and dangerous weapon in existence, one they'll pay for in blood and Nanos. Smuggling an AI is the most lucrative of all runs, and Eli is amongst the most trusted of runners. When everything goes wrong on the delivery, the Masterkey AI he's carrying becomes intertwined with his neural network. Thus begins a desperate race to either find a way to extract it or to find a replacement. Should he fail, the buyers will hunt Eli and his friends down. And in this world, there are some fates worse than death.

The Quill and The Spear is now available on audible!

TQaTS - Audiobook Cover with Author Name.jpg
TQaTS - Official Cover Art.jpg

The Quill and The Spear

April 24th, 2022

TREASON! Zarilina, scribe to the cruel emperor, forges imperial orders. She saves her home, but condemns a village to death. If her treason is discovered, the emperor may see her executed. Dorian, her beloved crown prince, will not let that happen. Sent into hiding at an old mage’s tower, Zarilina learns the art of magic, and discovers she is the catalyst to Dorian’s plan… the overthrow of the emperor.

At the edge of the empire, Able finds his village aflame, and his pregnant wife murdered by imperial soldiers. Fleeing into the woods, he turns to an old druid for guidance and learns of ways to bring his wife back from the dead. An ancient spell, requiring the body of the one responsible for his wife’s death, is his only hope. Believing the emperor himself is to blame, Able sets out to assemble an army and march on the Imperial City for revenge… but only the dead are willing soldiers.

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